Subject Verb Agreement Exercises for Class 9 with Answers

Subject-verb agreement is an essential component of writing and speaking correctly in English. It is crucial to ensure that the verb agrees with the subject in terms of number and person. When the subject is singular, the verb should be singular as well. However, when the subject is plural, the verb should also be plural.

Class 9 students who are learning English as a second language need to understand this concept and practice it to improve their writing skills. Here are some subject-verb agreement exercises with answers that can help students practice this important rule.

Exercise 1:

Choose the correct verb to agree with the subject in the following sentences.

1. The cat _______ on the sofa. (is/are)

Answer: is

2. The children _______ playing in the park. (is/are)

Answer: are

3. The book _______ on the table. (is/are)

Answer: is

4. The students _______ their homework. (has/have)

Answer: have

5. The dog _______ in the backyard. (barks/bark)

Answer: barks

6. The flowers _______ in the vase. (smells/smell)

Answer: smell

Exercise 2:

Rewrite the following sentences by correcting the subject-verb agreement.

1. John and Sarah is going to the movies.

Answer: John and Sarah are going to the movies.

2. The book on the shelf needs dusting.

Answer: The books on the shelf need dusting.

3. The class was discussing their ideas.

Answer: The class were discussing their ideas.

4. The committee meets every Friday.

Answer: The committee meet every Friday.

5. The team of players was practicing for the game.

Answer: The team of players were practicing for the game.

6. The group of singers sings in harmony.

Answer: The group of singers sing in harmony.

Exercise 3:

Identify the correct verb that agrees with the subject in the following sentences.

1. The apple trees _____ in the orchard. (grows/grow)

Answer: grow

2. The food on the table ____ delicious. (tastes/taste)

Answer: tastes

3. The river _____ to the sea. (flows/flow)

Answer: flows

4. The baby ____ in his crib. (sleeps/sleep)

Answer: sleeps

5. The band ____ their instruments. (tunes/tune)

Answer: tunes

6. The clouds ____ over the mountains. (hover/hovers)

Answer: hover

Subject-verb agreement exercises are a great way for Class 9 students to learn and improve their writing skills. Practicing these exercises with answers can help students identify and correct mistakes in their writing, thus improving their overall proficiency in English.

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