Long Live La Porte, 2019

Mural design for Long Live La Porte, 2019
Long Live La Porte, 2019 mural study
acrylic on paper
18 x 108″

We were excited to work on this mural that had so much community backing and support. Learning about the history of this unique community fed my imagination and led to a piece filled with relevant imagery to La Porte past and present.

Long Live, La Porte, 2019
acrylic on brick
18 x 108′
Plaza 618 Lincolnway, LaPorte, IN
Dedication of Long Live La Porte, 2019

Take a look at one of his most recent offerings: Long Live LaPorte (2019), a surpassing example of a small-town outdoor civic-heritage mural. They aren’t made any better.

– Jeff Huebner, Arts Writer and author of
Walls of Prophecy and Protest: William Walker and The Roots of A Revolutionary Public Arts Movement

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