at work

Over the years I’ve never felt the need to categorize Tom Torluemke’s work into a particular school of thought, art practice, – ism (postmodern or otherwise), relational aesthetic, conceptualist conundrum, or community service. How can you define the indefinable? I know Tom, he would not do well in captivity, his artistic spirit is far too large to be contained. Better to be selfishly entertained by this man’s output, his creative tenacity, his spirit. Oh thy young artists today, you would do well to take a closer look at this man and learn from him. There is nothing left to mine from your bellybuttons and simplistic art school gibberish. Just paint, make it your life and your career – “but begin.” And never stop because you know damn well Tom is up ahead and around the corner and he ain’t looking back.

– Kevin Freitas, Art As Authority (excerpt from an essay, Ring Around The Rosie)


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